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1   Link   Wikipedia Article on Rooibos
A general article on Rooibos, covering some of the health benefits as well as the history of Rooibos
2   Link   Article on Rooibos from
Article from about Rooibos subtitled "Not only tasty, this herbal tea is good for your health too."
3   Link   South African Rooibos Council
The official site for the South African Rooibos Council. This site includes information on research done into the health aspects of Rooibos, Rooibos related photos, press releases and other Rooibos information.
4   Link   Newpaper article on the Rooibos trademark
This is an article in the South African publication, Business Day, with regards to protection of the Rooibos name and trademark efforts.
5   Link   Article highlighting the popularity and history of Rooibos products
An article from a business website outlining the history and popularity of Rooibos products
6   Link   South Africa Online
South Africa online is a great source for information on South Africa, the home of Rooibos.