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Rooibos Tea

At JUST ROOIBOS, we firmly believe in the natural goodness of Rooibos, and would like to see Rooibos tea available to people all around the world.

We pride ourselves in the strong relationships that we have built with our current distributors, suppliers and producers, through competitive prices, good communication and excellent support.

If you are currently involved in distribution, imports, you operate a retail outlet, or you are simply looking for a great business opportunity, please contact us. We will gladly chat with you about our price list and product opportunities.

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Hands holding rooibos tea in cup
Just-Rooibos rooibos tea seeding growing in soil


JUST ROOIBOS is a family run business since 1999, and exports Rooibos tea (sometimes known as ‘Red Bush’) from South Africa to international markets. The Rooibos products that we export are made from Rooibos grown by family farmers in South Africa.

No fertilizers or toxic chemicals are used in the production, cleaning, or storage of our products and all exported Rooibos is independently tested by the PPECB (South Africa’s Official Perishable Produce Export Certification Agency). Our producer and packaging unit is certified by, and registered with, both NOP and JAS. Compliance with the UN’s food safety requirements includes registration with HACCP systems and GAP procedures, guaranteeing you high quality, environmentally friendly products. All of our boxes are sustainably made of recycled cardboard, and our teabags are made from oxygen bleached paper.

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Standard Just Rooibos

We can export Rooibos tea in the box design of your choice. This orange box is a sample of our standard box design and size. Each box contains 100 grams of tea in 40 teabags, sealed in 2 foil pouches. For shipment purposes, 48 boxes of Rooibos tea are packed into larger cardboard boxes.

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Just-Rooibos rooibos tea box for export
Organic Vanilla Rooibos tea box for export rhino
Organic Rooibos tea box for Export lion
Organic Green Rooibos tea for export elephant
Organic Rooibos and Honeybush tea box for export leopard
Organic Chai Rooibos tea box for export buffalo

The Big Five

We also export Big Five Organic Tea. There are 5 flavours which are packaged in 50-gram corrugated outer cartons. Each pack contains 20 teabags. These flavours include Organic Rooibos Tea, Organic Chai Rooibos Tea, Organic Vanilla Rooibos Tea, Organic Rooibos & Honeybush Tea, and Organic Green Rooibos Tea.

These Big Five 50 gram boxes can be provided in a pack of five, or alternatively can be exported individually. For shipment purposes, we place 20 x 5 packs in a cardboard box, or simply 100 packs in a cardboard box.

Please Note: while the above are our standard packaging arrangements for JUST ROOIBOS, we can discuss customising the packaging to suit your requirements.

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